May 12

Distribution of DD and CD for NIIT Trainees  

ODAM Bio-Diesel plant – demonstration unit – in Tiruchuli

Our Barathi Girls Hostel in Narikudi moving to Tiruchuli.

Our girls were studying in Narikudi Maruthu Pandiyar Government Higher Secondary School.  School situation is growing in a wrong way. School staff can’t control the atrocities of senior boys.

Our hostel building owner wants to sell the building to his relative and request us to vacate the building.

So we decided to shift the hostel to Tiruchuli. We can’t get rented building in Tiruchuli. So we alter our office building for hostel. Kitchen shed construction is going on.

Academic year begins in 1st June. We have to receive the certificates from Narikudi and enroll them in Tiruchuli schools.