Charcoal Briquette

Indoor air pollution caused by the burning of kerosene, wood, and other biomass is a major problem facing the majority of Indians who cannot afford to use safer cooking methods. It is estimated that 28% of all deaths due to indoor air pollution in developing countries occur in India.

Most people in this region burn wood or kerosene for their cooking needs. The negative environmental and health impacts associated with these methods caused ODAM to explore implementation of a charcoal briquette: an environment-friendly, low cost cooking fuel solution for those living off-the-grid.

The briquette—made from the invasive and abundant Prosopis juliflora tree—releases no smoke, unlike traditional charcoal or wood, and is less toxic and dangerous than kerosene. Furthermore, the low-technology, handmade briquettes can be made and sold with minimal investment, providing income for poor families. The project furthers a worldwide trend towards replacing wood and kerosene with cleaner, more efficient options.

ODAM is currently in the research and development phase of this solution, working closely with community members and other partners to design the most effective briquette and briquette press.

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