Girls Education

KGBV Girls with ODAM Staff


Since its founding in 1995,  ODAM has focused on directly improving the lives of the rural poor in Tamil Nadu and with special focus on the local development of its community members. Unfortunately, our environment is still plagued with public perceptions that devalue women’s education, uphold caste disparities, and exclude the rural poor from social advancement schemes. ODAM’s strategies to address these issues have made a signficant and positive impact in improving these conditions locally.

Re-integrating Girls into Education: The KGBV School 

The challenges facing female education are based on both a traditional definition of gender roles in society as well as the practical barriers to supplying rural children with quality educational opportunities. Poverty in rural communities has further degraded the value of education for girls, as desperate families often subject daughters to hard labor in order to earn supplemental income to support the family. ODAM has reached out to these families and opened up a school to re-integrate these child labourers into the government schooling system. The KGBV Narikudi School provides girls with an opportunity for education, fun, safety, and the drive to forge their own futures.

Expanding Opportunities for Young Women: The Barathi Girls Hostel

After passing the 8th standard, government funding ceases to serve these girls. Therefore, girls that seek to pursue further studies must find alternative sources of funding to support their higher education. Often, when unable to find this alternative support, educated young women return home for marriage or to provide for their family as labourers. ODAM has formed the Barathi Girls Hostel to provide these young women with a safe home and financial support as they pursue further studies.

In collaboration with local groups, villages, volunteers, and international well-wishers, ODAM is training a new generation of empowered Indian women!

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